Friday, 22 January 2016

My new born baby experience

I am going to write my first blog post on what my experience was like as a new mum. I'm going to skip out the pregnancy and labour as I didn't have good experiences through either of them. My pregnancy sickness started at 6 weeks and didn't stop until the day I gave birth, yes there was odd days where I wouldn't have sickness but it didn't last very long and maybe my labour and delivery story is for another post.

After being 11 days over my due date and a long 8 hours in labour my beautiful baby girl arrived at 4.58am n the 18th of july 2014 weighing a tiny 5lb 13. The feeling and emotions I felt as she was placed onto my chest will forever be embedded in my memory. It was by far the most surreal and magical moment in my life. Suddenly I was a mum and this tiny beautiful baby depended on me, She needed me and I needed her. Straight away she felt like the missing puzzle piece in my life. The perfect addition to mine and Terry's relationship.

I had to stay in the Hospital over night with our newly named Lacie-May Rose Green. This was the thing I had been dreading through my pregnancy. What if I didn't know what to do? What if I couldn't do it? What if im not good enough? Were all the questions I kept asking myself. When the time came Terry had to leave as visiting hours were over and I was left on my own with our newborn baby. All the worrying and questions I was asking myself didn't seem relevant any more I had a baby that needed me and I felt like a new person. I felt like a maternal instinct just took over my body and I just somehow knew what I had to do? I don't know if anyone else felt like this or it was just me but that is how I felt at the time.
My original plan was to breastfeed but this didn't go to plan so instead I bottle fed Lacie-May she fed every four hours and was absolutely perfect in every single way. Despite being awake for nearly 48 hours previous I still couldn't get any sleep for the whole night in the hospital. Every little noise or movement she made I was there looking over her. Finally 8am came (start of visiting hours) Terry came round the curtain looking well rested unlike me who had been a nervous wreck all night but I still felt like adrenaline was taking over. The best thing was seeing the look on Terry's face when he got to see his daughter again I mean how could I not be completely in love with these two beautiful people that have created my future and family.

Me and Terry spent the rest of the day on the maternity ward as new parents on the hottest day of the year. The ward was unbearably hot but despite of this we were just over the moon to have our baby girl here, healthy and safe. FINALLY! it was time to go home, back to my parents where we lived. my mum was picking us up. The car seat we brought all those months ago finally had our little bundle of joy squished into it. Firstly before we could go home we had to take a trip out to get her some "Tiny Baby" clothes as all of the clothes we had brought for her were far too big. A new mum with barely any sleep for the past 3-4 days and I was out and about shopping for clothes. I felt amazing, A little sore but still amazing none the less.

The next few days as a new mum was so tiring. I hadn't yet had the chance to catch up with my sleep and to make it even better Lacie-May was demand feeding every 2 hours day and night. I kept waking up during the night nearly every night shouting at Terry get up get up your laying on the baby, For some reason I was so afraid of this I would dream about it nearly every night and not be awake enough to look beside me in the Moses basket to find her fast asleep. Eventually these dreams stopped and I started to relax and I guess trust myself.

Of course I am now writing from 18 months experience and not through the day to day life of a new mother. I can remember Lacie-May crying/screaming every night at around the same time. The first time was when I got her out the bath and wrapped her in a towel. She screamed so loud and wouldn't stop I thought there must have been something in the towel or something really hurting her. There wasn't. I found out it was trapped wind that builds up through the day and its very common.
I enjoyed every early morning wake up call. making bottles. burping her. watching her little smiles appear and watching her little tiny features changing every single day. Of course everyday wasn't all sunshine and roses and there was times I sat and cried with her but isn't that only normal? how much "newness" can one person take. The day your first little baby is born your whole life changes forever and for me my whole life from that very second has been 100% better.

I hope you have enjoyed my first post on my new blog. I am not quite sure how long people would want to read for but if you would like to read more about the every day events of having a new born I would happily sit her and type them all day for you. Leave comments thank you. Katie

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