Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Play date

Hello everyone
Me and Lacie-May went on a play date with my friend Amber and her daughter Mia yesterday at a place in Peterborough called BigSky which is an activity playground
There is around a 6 month age gap between them both so it was so much fun seeing the two girls playing together and "arguing" over not wanting to share each others things ha-ha. They ran around playing with the other children there and everything they could get their little hands on. Its amazing how non judgemental and kind children are, they have no outside influences to deter them from doing anything its just them in their own little worlds of fun. Me and my friend decided to take the kiddies into the big kids area where there was slides and a bouncy castle. Its safe to say that the mission of  wearing out the kids in fact back fired on us and it was actually us two that was completely warn out from all the fun. 

Lacie-May taking a ball off Mia


oh no, the dreaded home time. It took us about half an hour to chase after them both after tantrums and crying we finally get their coat and shoes on but by this time they had been bribed with McDonalds on the way home not all bad though as me and amber secretly was looking forward to a cheeky McDonalds too. we had such a fun filled day and I cant wait for another

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