Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Superdrug products

Revolution Make-up Palette with 144 colours
I was online searching the January sales on the super drug website when I came across this palette of eye shadows. It was originally £25 and I brought at a massive bargain price of £4.99!!!!
I had been wanting to try out new eye shadow looks on myself as I wasn't very adventurous when it came to that. my usual look was a winged eye liner or even just mascara and I was done. since purchasing this I have tried so many different looks and I can honestly say I love it!
There is a range of different matte shades and shimmery glitter shades in dark and light. basically every colour you could ever want is right here in this palette and I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a drug store cheap alternative to the more expensive branded palettes on the market. obviously I am not saying this palette is going to be identical to the urban decay naked palettes for example but like the saying "you get what you pay for".

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Products from super drug own brand
Superdrug is one of my main stores where I buy skin products ect, this is mainly because I like the layout of the website better than others. A few months ago I was browsing online and saw an offer 3 for 2 on Superdrug own brand. So I got...

  1. vitamin E Micellar water
  2. Superdrug simply pure hydrating serum 
  3. Superdrug simply pure Gentle eye make up remover.

I use the vitamin E Micellar water every morning and night. It removes invisible dirt. You think your face is clean and you wipe over your face with a cotton pad and the product (obviously) and you wouldn't believe what is still left on your face. Since you can actually see what is coming off your face and the results of how fresh your skin is afterwards I would recommend anyone to use this stuff its brilliant and a great price

After cleaning my face with the vitamin E Micellar water I use the hydrating serum to moisturise my face. I find that this product soaks into the skin very quickly and doesn't leave you feeling like you have a wet face for a long time. since using these together I haven't had any spot breakouts and my skin feels and looks a lot healthier.

I was disappointed with the Gentle eye make up remover as it didn't remove make-up as quickly and as effectively as other brands I have used. I also felt like I had to put a lot of product onto a cotton pad to make the make-up move. two out of three products isn't bad though for the offers.

If you would like to look at these products on their website here are the links

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