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Slimming World Breakfast & Lunches

Sorry its been a while since I last
posted. I started a new job :) After not working for 2 years it was hard to get back into a routine but I needed to get writing on here again as there has been so many people asking me how iv lost all my weight and what I have been eating. I am so happy to say that I have lost 3 stone so far all thanks to slimming world! I Have dropped 2 dress sizes and feel amazing about myself which when I first started I didn't think was ever going to happen again. I took a picture of myself in these jeans when I first started and decided to try them on again when I came across them in my drawer and to my absolute amazement they were like a tent on me! Baggy on the waist legs and bum. I couldn't believe it! My main aim when I started was to be able to fit back into my prom dress,I still haven't brought myself to try that on yet so going to give myself a few more months to save disappointment if it doesn't quite fit.

Ok enough about me lets get down to why im really writing this post and that is to try and help or guide you to loose weight. If you haven't already seen my post slimming world dinners go check that out because this one is going to be about breakfast and lunches I have eaten most days to achieve my weight loss. http://katievhill.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/home-cooking.html

When I started slimming world I used to write out a 7 day meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner using the slimming world website. Like I said in my last post I couldn't afford the subscription fee to join slimming world properly so I have just learnt it all myself by searching through different posts online.  http://www.slimmingworld.co.uk/healthy-eating/recipes.aspx. I also use social media as my main platform to find recipe ideas. I follow numerous amounts of slimming world people on Instagram and save any food pictures I want to cook myself. If you search slimmingworld in the search bar it should come up with a few people with their names followed after, have a flick through and follow the people who cook the style of meal that suit your taste. My usual day would consist of..

Breakfast - Plain porridge with fruit or fruit and fibre cereal with fruit (mainly strawberries or raspberries as they are a speed food)

Lunch - chicken, egg or tuna salads with as much speed veg as possible or my new favourite found love a grilled toastie using my George Foreman grill

Dinner - pasta dishes (spag bol), curry and hearty meals filled with vegtables (check other post)


I buy all my fruit and veg from Aldi or Lidle it is great value for money and good quality. So in the pictures above is fruit & fibre with strawberries and raspberries with green (semi skimmed) milk. a variety pack of fruit and on the right is porridge with all 3 fruits. You can use a maximum of 375ml milk for your healthy Extra so if your like me and cant live without tea/coffee in the morning use it on that and your cereal breakfasts. Other breakfast options I have are scrambled/poached egg on wholemeal toast or an Omelette made with 2 eggs, light cheese. salt. pepper. spinach and chopped baby tomatoes I sometimes add cooked and sliced bacon medallions or ham too. Oh and not forgetting the full English breakfast slimming world version. All recipes can be found on the link I put above under the breakfast tab and all fried meals cooked with fry light oil. obviously you can change any recipe to suit what you like or have in your fridge/cupboards.

 Now onto lunch ideas. When I made meal plans I would sometimes use left over dinner from the night before to heat up and have for lunch the next day, being a mum this saved so much time preparing meals in bulk so I could just grab it out of freezer, defrost and reheat and its ready! I do this with left over spaghetti bolognese and pasta bakes mainly but you could do it with anything really.

Im aware of the spelling mistake lol
my new found love for toasties is unreal you can add anything into it and toast it. who wouldn't love that? If iv cooked a roast chicken for dinner I would usually cut all the meat off and take all fat off and put it in a container in the fridge and use the leftover chicken for these toasties or chicken salads. I used chicken and bacon in this one so I cooked the bacon before put it on top of a slice of wholemeal and sprinkled light cheese over the top. toasted it until melted then opened it up and added the lettuce/spinach afterwards but its all about your own preferences, like I said you can literally add anything that you want too it :)

 Salads dont have to be boring and trust me once you find something you like with a salad it makes all the difference. Such as the chicken in the picture above is cooked with the Nandos medium hot seasoning sachet which is 3.5 syns for the whole 25g sachet so using a little sprinkle on a chicken breast would probably be 1 syn or so. If you arent sure on the syn value of something I usually just search it online and there is almost always a thread online which tells you. You are allowed around 15 syns a day or 150 syns a week so you can decide how and when you use your syns.

I make sure that my plate is always half full of speed vegtables/salad or fruit as you are filling yourself up on the goodness instead of rubbish. Dried pasta and rice is also syn free so I tend to fill myself up on those carbohydrates and potatoes. I especially love slimming world chips which I use the same recipe to make roast potatoes just cut them into a different shape. here is the link

This meal of sirloin steak, slimming world chips,peas and green beans is all syn free and very filling. dont eat the fat on the edge of the meat though and try to only have one red meat meal a week.

How I use my syns?
I'm more of a savoury person than sweet so I love crisps and cheese on crackers ect but I do get my chocolate cravings and they are usually on a night time when im watching the soaps. I eat light Alpen bars to snack on. popcorn, nuts and low fat crisps but when I eat chocolate I make sure that I check the syn value before hand and eat what I have left in my daily syn allowance. I sometimes have a cheat meal and sometimes I dont but I always make sure that when I do cheat I enjoy it! Its just about making the right decisions and understanding what is going into your body and how your body reacts to food. Starving yourself isn't realistic and neither are these shake diets because once you stop you are just going to gain it all again. Also drink plenty of water and good luck :)

Here is a link that shows some syn values to regular things people eat.

I haven't put everything I eat into this blog post as it would be full of pictures and information and everyone eats differently so I am going to post a few links below that I have found helpful through my slimming world journey so far. I hope that this has helped someone as I would have loved to have started my slimming world journey earlier. If there is anything I have missed out or any questions you want to ask me please just message me and I would be happy to help :)

this is the website that has been the most help for me as its so clear and easy to understand.



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