Saturday, 5 November 2016

Calorie Counting

where do i start? I recently posted a before and after weight loss picture which was 6 months apart so i thought it would be a good idea to update my blog since its been 6 months since my last post also

 After posting this picture I got a lot of messages asking me how I had managed to loose 2 stone in 6 months. I am still following slimming world but like i mentioned in my last post I use a free app on my phone called lose it which i record my daily calories on. It has been easier for me to log and see how many calories I am in taking everyday for me to keep to a loss every week. The app asks you your weight and height and makes a calculation on how many calories you should be eating everyday to reach your overall weight loss goal. It has loads of food already stored on the app so you just search and find it and tells you how many calories it has, you can also scan bar codes to make it quicker than searching. 

when logging my food i try to have between 800-1200 calories a day for me to have a loss at the end of the week. I need to clarify that i did not do any excersize or workouts except regular everyday walking. I do walk everywhere and that is how i get around because i dont drive so i probably do walk more than an average person who gets around by car or bus. If i was working out or excersizing i would have made my calorie intake a lot more.

I am not on a diet & i am not obsessed with loosing weight. I have changed the whole way i eat to make better decisions and have a healthier lifestyle all together. I am at my goal weight now but that doesn't mean to say i now can eat whatever i want. To maintain all my hard work i am still going to eat healthy and continue to do what i have been doing over the last 11 months to loose my overall 5 stone. I don't need to loose anymore weight but i do need to tone up so that is my next goal.

Maybe you are at a stand still with your weight loss or cant seem to shred the extra few pounds that you need to. honestly try calorie counting it has worked wonders for me & doesn't take long to do. Don't do these unrealistic 3 day "diets" to loose 10lb or shake diets because once you start eating normally again your just going to pile the weight back on. People don't believe me when I say I eat loads but I do eat loads I just eat healthily. 3-4 meals a day of healthy options and your 5 a day with lots of speed food and going to bed full on an evening is how iv lost my weight.

Food isn't our enemy. I am going to insert a few pictures below of foods that can boost your metabolism. foods that break down fat & so on.. it isn't hard to take time out of searching through gorgeous girls on Instagram who have the perfect figure just wishing you could be like them  FYI that was me :) & this is obvious but drink plenty of water. Cold water makes your metabolism work harder to get it to reach body temperature.

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